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WOKE wins Red Dot Design Award for Mio Product Experience


It is a great pleasure to announce that we have won a Red Dot Product Design Award for the Mio SLICE and PAI product experience, a wearable band and app with an innovative way of measuring fitness. The Red Dot is often referred to as the “the Oscars of design awards” so needless to say we’re extremely proud and ecstatic about receiving this award in conjunction with the amazing team at Mio! For those who don’t know:

Rather than relying on the number of steps you take, the SLICE has a new personalized metric that translates heart rate data into a single, easy-to-understand score. The Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) metric is based on the HUNT Study, the world’s largest health study in Norway that linked activity levels to overall health and longevity.

The PAI app presents your PAI score that’s calculated based on your age, gender, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. Any activity that increases your heart rate will add to your PAI score, although you gain points faster from higher intensity activities, such as interval workouts.

Our long term collaboration with Mio began almost 2 years ago and has been a perfect example of how we like to approach design problems, tackling both Industrial Design and Interaction Design in an iterative fashion.

In terms of Industrial Design, we went through multiple iterations of pen-to-paper sketching and rough prototyping, and ultimately a number of trips to Taiwan to work with vendors to perfect the design! On the digital side, we had a similar process of sketching out UX flows, building interactive prototypes and eventually long, intricate sessions with the developers. The two processes sound very similar because at WOKE, we tend to see Physical and Digital product design as very closely coupled. Our holistic approach allows us to problem solve on both disciplines and deliver the best overall user experience. It may sound like we are bragging (maybe we are a little!) but we are very proud of how we work through problems and deliver exceptional products for our clients.

Our work does not stop here though. Design is an iterative process and the Mio experience can only be made better. We are currently working on much-requested enhancements and improving the overall hardware and software experience so the Mio SLICE continues to be a top-contender in the world of fitness wearables.

For now, cheers to many more Red Dots to come!

さようなら! (Japanese for ‘goodbye!'),

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