Social Bomb

The Battle For Your Attention Is On

As part of London Design Festival, we created a series of conceptual products designed to empower and challenge our current obsession with social media. We developed 4 products that ranged from the covert and dangerous to the friendly and welcome. 

The Social Bomb is a covert, guerilla device with the sole purpose  of disabling social technologies invisibly and without consent. Different sizes of Social Bomb of varying intensity and range are available.

The Social Timers are like little egg timers that are set up at the dinner table. Each timer is tuned to temporarily disable a particular communication technology (eg. Twitter, Facebook, or phone calls) for a short period of time over a limited range.

The Social Thermostat is like a temperature thermostat, except it control the 'social temperature' of a space instead of the physical temperature. By turning various communication technologies On (socially 'warm') or Off (socially 'cold'), people can adjust the social climate of their homes.

The Social Sentinel is a ceiling-mounted device that is placed out of easy reach and is designed for commercial and work environments. The intensity (the number of technologies it enables/disables) is pre-set and locked to prevent tampering by employees. A single, watchful, 'eye' indicates when the device is active.


SocialBomb_4 (1).jpg
SocialThermostat_1 (1).jpg