Find the perfect shoe for you.

What if the shoe doesn't fit? It’s a worry we’ve all had when buying shoes online. Sizing is inconsistent across different brands and even within them. What’s more, feet come in all different shapes even if the length is the same.

FTSY exists to hook you up with the perfect shoe for you - from any retailer. Finding the perfect shoe for you means understanding the shape of your foot and the kind of fit you prefer.

To measure accurately, FTSY takes a series of photos and turns them into a 3D model of your foot. We helped FTSY take a challenging foot-scanning process and turn it into an experience that's easy for anyone to do at home.

Working closely with the development team, we designed a UX flow that would allow users to robustly capture the necessary camera data of their feet in a way that was intuitive and seamlessly integrated into the purchase process.

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